Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Word of God

Redemption comes from the Word of God. This Word was first proclaimed to our ancestors in the faith: Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. The Lord revealed His statutes to them in a way that He had not for any other nation. He elected them and invited them to share a new life with him. The Psalmist says, "He has proclaimed his word to Jacob, his statues and his ordinances to Israel. He has not done thus for any other nation."

However, the Word of God was not ever understood. Even when He clothed Himself in flesh and spoke to us, the disciples didn't understand. They were afraid when approaching Jerusalem. They didn't understand what Jesus meant when He spoke up his upcoming death and resurrection. They certainly wanted to the glory of the coming Kingdom! However, it's not clear that they're willing to suffer it yet. Jesus asks them if they are willing to be baptized with which He is baptized and to drink of the chalice with which He will drink. They respond, "we can!" Yet, we know that in a short while their actions will demonstrate that they couldn't.

In our own lives that's also the case! Yesterday, I wrote about the need for daily penance. Maybe we thought that was a great idea, which is good! But it is not enough to just think that Christianity is a great idea, we actually have to live it. For this the Word of God is necessary. "All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of the field; the grass withers, and the flower wilts; but the word of the Lord remains forever." My brothers and sisters, we are flesh and we are like the grace. We have many grand ideas and good intentions of serving the Lord, but we let them whither in our hearts. We think, "I will help my brother!" But never do. We think "I will share the Gospel with my co-worker!" But never do. To overcome this, we need an imperishable seed to be planted in our hearts. This seed has been planted in us by our baptism, but we must also let it grow. By His death and resurrection, Christ Jesus planted His word in us which is living and effective. It transformed the disciples so that James and John indeed were later able to drink the chalice of the Lord. Turn your eyes inward to this grace which you have received and begin to love one another intensely from a pure heart.

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